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Your serial # M zero zero not the letter O shows in the registry as

Here is the information about the Tractor M00318X016740

Model: 318
Typecode: M00318X
Serial Number: 16740
Model Year: 1990
Engine Model and Size: P218G Onan 18HP
Lift Type: Hydraulic 2 Lever
Paint: Green
Manufactured Location: Horicon, WI

Bob P

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Welcome to the WFM forums! Here is the serial number range as shown in the first page of the PDF version of the PC1924 for the 318 tractors:

The important thing is to note that the serial numbers of the 1990 and later models are considered HIGHER than the serial numbers of earlier year models in terms of break points for design changes (like the parking brake switch that was added to SN 600,305 and "above"...)

Enjoy your 318, and post some pictures when you get the chance. What attachments do you have with it??

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