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318 stalling

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I was mowing this evening with my B43G equipped 318 and it started sputtering and then quit. I got it to start again, it ran good for a few mins then did the same thing again. I can get it to stay running with the choke pulled out. Is it time to rebuild the carb?
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Most likely it is time for a rebuild.
You can try some Seafoam added to the gas to see if it will straighten out your problem. Also replace the fuel filter if you haven't done so in a while.
How hard is it to rebuild one of these carbs? I've never really dove into the rebuilding one before, they kind of scare me.
I got a chance to dig into this a little deeper tonight. What I found is that the lift pump, if that's what you call it, isn't keeping enough fuel to the carb. I have a fuel filter between the pump and the carb. I had it running and could see the filter getting empty and the pump wasn't keeping up. What should I do now? Can these be rebuilt, or do I have to replace?

The pump can be either replaced or rebuilt, but first check the hose that goes from the pump body to the crankcase for the absence of cracks/leaks and for an air-tight fit at the connections, as this hose is what provides the pumping force to the diaphragm via the pulsing of pressure in the crankcase... Often this hose is the cause of poor pump performance. It is behind the pump and under the tin on the engine...

I have to do a little deeper digging. I was following my fuel lines and they run to a canister type thing that is mounted on my firewall. When you turn the key on it vibrates and pushes fuel into the carb. Do all these tractors have this? I can't find it on jdparts.com
Brent, I have a 318 withe the B43G engine also I do not have the "Canister" that you are describing. Can you post a Pic?

It sounds like someone has mounted an electric fuel pump on the firewall. Not a bad idea if done correctly and at the correct pressure.

Brent I believe Richard is correct. Would like to still se a pic if you can.


Here is a picture of where the stock fuel pump on a 318 would be located (arrow "A") which is crankcase pressure operated.

It does sound like some prior owner added an electric fuel pump to your tractor. If it is rated at less than 4 PSI it should work OK and not cause any issues. That is, of course, if it is still fully operational -- perhaps it has an issue in keeping up with the demand of the carburetor at all but idle speeds.

Let us know what you find as you dig into this...

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well men I found a fuel pump yesterday on napa's website. So I went and bought it and I'm gonna install it today. I will post later with pics of the old one and the new one as well
I can't get my pics to upload. I resized them and everything
I went this morning and got new fuel line. So it now has all new lines from the tank to the cut-off switch and up to the new fuel pump. And it runs like a champ. Thanks to all who gave input on this mess. I can always count on this site for the info I need. And meeting some new friends along the way.
Does anyone have experience with or the shop manual that shows how to disassemble the steering assembly. I need to replace the bushings since I have too much play in the steering shaft gear and the quarter circle steering gear (part 9). I'm afraid the steering shaft gear is rusted on there so I'm thinking I need to drop the whole steering shaft out the bottom.
False alarm, I found my manual and was able to get it apart. "Some assembly required"
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