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Well, I found out what was the problem with the engine shutting off suddenly. My wife noticed that the headlights shut off right before the engine died each time. When I had taken out the engine I had only fingered tightened the small positive ground that attaches to the side of the body under the battery tray with the rubber boot on it when I was reconnecting everything and it was vibrating loose.Once I tightened it down it solved the cutting off of the engine.


I also discovered that when I had taken the tractor in to have it tuned up they had not even changed the spark plugs or the fuel filter. Boy that was 279 dollars well spent. I will be confronting the manager on that one and asking what all was done for that "service" special besides trying to charge me 2300 dollars to fix my tractor.

I wont hold my breath on getting a refund but will let them know all the same about what I think of their "service".

It still runs a little rough but after changing the plugs and fuel filter is running much better and is workable.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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