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Hi All,
I have a 318 that was giving me trouble, you would turn the key the oil and battery lights would come on then a "click" then all was dead.

I check the usual suspects, battery fully charged, all electrical cables cleaned and tighten. No help. I went to the local JD dealer and suggested the starter relay kit. So I follow the instructions and 1st off I noticed that the cable nut on the post on the starter wasn't very tight, so cleaned the cable up and cleaned around the starter, I was doing great till the part about the purple wire and the terminal on the starter.

This 318 doesn't have the purple wire to hook into and no extra terminal on the starter.

So I went ahead and hooked the cable back up and no problems since, in fact the oil and battery lights have never been brighter.

This 318 is a late 91 model and I'm wondering if maybe JD corrected the problem, or is there something going on here.

Any thoughts or suggestion much appreciated.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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