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hey guys,
I've got a 322 with a recurring charging problem. i replaced the
voltage regulator last spring and it did fine all summer. now it isn't charging the battery, and the alt. light isn't working at all. it doesn't
even come on when you turn the key on. any ideas?

thanks,, larry

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First you might want to verify that the lamp in the dash indicator is not burned out -- since you now never see it lighting.

The best way to trace the function of your 322 charging system is with a voltmeter and the procedures in the TM1591. Let us know if these following excerpts from that manual are not enough to get you started...

charge circuit operation.pdf (7.6 k)
charging system tests.pdf (20.5 k)
VR tests page 1.pdf (32.8 k)
VR tests pages 2 & 3.pdf (61.2 k)

Let us know what you find...

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