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HI guys,

I have an 89 322 which is exhibiting low implement pressure. The TM1591 states implement pressure should be between 850-975psi.

Background info: I purchased a 3000 psi hydro gauge with the correct JD quick connector a few years back and I tested the pressure at my front hydro ports (at that time) @ 950psi. Recently I observed my OR Bilt FEL's sluggish movement and apparent lack of gusto when picking up some heavy objects that it previously lifted w/o issue. This made me check my pressure reading again. Yesterday it showed 800psi.

Additional info: my rmps are slightly low (using my coil wire style tachometer, permanently installed on my 322) at 3300-3350 rpms. I will double check this reading tonight with my laser tach which is very accurate. Also, I can not remember when the hydro fluid was last changed, but I will check my notes at home. most likely in the last three years and I average 30-50 hrs per year. Hydro fluid is clear and level is good.

As I read through the TM1591, looks like I need to check the pressures at the hydro. I will need to pull my cozy cab and fender pan to do this.
Here is what I plan so far unless you guys recommend something else first.

1)conduct a charge pump pressure test and possibly adjust the charge relief valve.
2) conduct an implement pressure test and adjust the implement relief valve if necessary.
3) conduct a charge pump flow test.

It is noted that any adjustments to the relief valve will only improve conditions if there are no other internal leaks anywhere. I hope I don't have any internal issues. What might they be if I do?

Anything I should do before I remove my cab and fender pan?

Thanks guys.
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