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The ramp idea is exactly the wrong approach!! As the axle pivots on uneven ground, the bolt head clearance is quite variable, and can even bind and stick when it reaches far up into the frame slot in that area.

The heads of the axle stop bolts should not be forced onto the mating surface, but should not have a large gap either. The clearance should be as constant as possible throughout the axle travel when pivoting. Here is an illustration from the manual:
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There are replaceable wear plates in the axle channel on these tractor frames -- if you have deep groves in the existing ones they should be replaced or perhaps turned over. Use a dry lube if anything in this area, as grease will attract abrasive grime and speed the wear.

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...note the scale of the axle wear plate hardware and the actual axle stop bolt are grossly exaggerated in the drawing...the mounting hardware is M8 and the axle bolt is M16 (twice the shank diameter...)

JMILLER -- looks like the axle bolt in your picture is free to turn (not locked down by the nut to the axle casting...) which would let it move out to touch, and that would squeak loudly for sure. Once adjusted with a new wear surface you should be rewarded with much quieter operation. (y)

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