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322 Power Steering Leak w

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I have a large cement pad with a gravel driveway. No leaks when the Model 49 snowblower rides on its skids on the cement but when I raise the skids about 3/4 of an inch off the ground with the hydraulics to do the driveway, the power steering cylinder leaks a few drops every so often. No leaks any other time. Is this normal with snowblower in a slightly raised state or do I need a new seal? Obviously I could adjust the skids higher to do the gravel driveway but then I would leave too much snow on the cement pad. My plan was to leave the skids adjusted for cement and just use the hydraulics for the driveway but now have minor PS leak.
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Bob, are you sure it's the steering cylinder leaking? With your scenario, it sounds more likely to be the lift cylinder on the blower.

If it is the blower, you need to find out where it's dripping - sometimes it's simply a fitting that has worked loose.

BTW, this is not the right forum for the 322 - you want to go to the "hydrostatic drive" section.

No it is definitely the power steering cylinder. I checked the snow blower cylinder first since that is where I thought I would find the leak but that was not the case. I will repost on the Hydraulic forum. Thanks!
Can anyone advise if the Johnny Bucket Universal sleeve hitch suitcase weights will rub on the tires of a JD X534 AWS tractor?
John why don't you call Johnny Bucket. It seems they would know. Welcome to WFM. Roger
johnny bucket was not sure about the AWS, and advised to post here.
There is a much larger new model crowd over at
Those guys talk about mostly new stuff like your X534.
This is the late model forum but this site caters more to the classic crowd.
Welcome as well from me.

I couldn't recommend mytractorforum - it's too generalized. Stay here or try:


I would not normally recommend it ,just that there is such a large crowd there he may get his question answered there.I doubt he will get it answered here or GTT.

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