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322 PTO

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Hi Guys,

I have been away for too long!

I packed all my tractor stuff away a few years ago as part of the preparation to get the house ready to be on the market. I can't find anything ATM, even the printed TM1591 that was in the garage is missing.
My 322 has the alt light on, and the PTO will not engage - flipped it on but nothing happened. Are they tie together? I mean if the voltage is low, will it kills the PTO?
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Sorry in my delay of reporting my findings...still haven't had the time to open the hood.
The seat switch was jumped by previous owner, I never got to fix it. I confirmed that the short still there. I noticed that when the switch is turned on, the clutch attempted to spin, but dragging. I never had problem with it before, it sat for over a yr. Will check the gap.

My battery light was lit. I took my meter to the batter terminals while it was running, read 12.55V. The battery was tested good by 2 different auto stores. Charging system is misbehaving.
My alternator was frozen, took it apart - the rear bearings are really bad.
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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