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322 PTO

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Hi Guys,

I have been away for too long!

I packed all my tractor stuff away a few years ago as part of the preparation to get the house ready to be on the market. I can't find anything ATM, even the printed TM1591 that was in the garage is missing.
My 322 has the alt light on, and the PTO will not engage - flipped it on but nothing happened. Are they tie together? I mean if the voltage is low, will it kills the PTO?
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The alternator light is driven from the #610 brown wire on the regulator connector X16. It is complete separate from the PTO circuitry.

The PTO will not engage if the safety interlocks are not satisfied... here is the wiring excerpt.

First, check the fuse at F2 since that is the source of voltage needed to sense the seat switch. If you have voltage at the #850 pink wire connecting to the X14 connector of the TDCM, then your PTO should be enabled to be engaged.

When you try to turn the PTO on, does the dash light come on? If so, maybe the PTO air gap is too large and the electric clutch is not engaging reliably. If the dash lamp is not lit with the PTO switch on, perhaps the seat switch is not working as it should. Let us know what you find and we can dig deeper.

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