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322 won't crank

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Hello, this is my first post. I just purchased a 1990 322 and I will soon be in the process of restoring it. It is in real good shape and only has 1300 hours on it, it only really needs paint However, the other day I started it up and moved it out of the garage. The, later on in the day I went to move it back in and it wouldn't crank, nothing! The battery is brand new and has plenty of power. Fuses are good, no clicking from the starter. I haven't had a chance to get a service manual on it yet, so I am just going off what could be a common problem. Could some one give me some advice on how to narrow down the problem. I have done some research on the site and I see many posts dealing with the PTO switch and the circuit breaker, but most of those posts are for different model tractors. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks - Jeff
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Welcome to the site.
On a 90 model the brakes have to be pressed to start it.
It sounds like a safety switch issue if the battery voltage is good.
Try the brakes first.If not then temporarily jump each safety switch to find if one is at fault.
Each will be a 2 pronged switch.There is the one for the brakes,neutral safety switch and of course seat switch.
Let us know what you find.


Welcome to the WFM forum! The 322 is a favorite of mine, I have two of them currently.

The seat safety switch is not part of the circuit that could be inhibiting cranking. I am attaching the excerpt of the wiring diagram from the TM1591 for this part of the schematic below:

In addition to the proper state of the neutral switch and the brake switch, the PTO switch(es) must be in the off position to crank the starter. Is it possible that you left the PTO switch in the ON position? If your tractor does not have a rear PTO fitted, there will be a jumper at X5 between the #750 purple wire and the #770 purple wire.

Sometimes the ignition switch fails from just plain wear over the years (nearly 20 in the case of your tractor) so replacing it is always a good policy.

I am e-mailing you some additional schematic diagram excerpts for you to look over until you get the complete TM1591 manual...let us know if you have additional questions after reviewing this information.

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AJ/Chuck - Thanks for the advice and the schematic. I found what the problem was. The previous owner removed the brake switch and installed a jumper cable, the jumper cable fell out. Easy fix!

Thanks again - Jeff
Glad you got it going Jeffery.

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