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322 Won't start

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Has new pto and ignition switch. Cranks over just fine. Fuel pump doesn't start and dash lights don't come on. Fuses are good. Head and tail lights work. Any help would be appreciated.
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Are these issues concurrent with the changeout of the key switch and PTO switch -- or are you just commenting so we know that an old, original key switch is not a factor? If you *just now* changed these two switch look for a bad or incorrect connection from switches to the harness.

Do you have the wiring diagrams as shown in the TM1591? One thing to look for is that the fuel shutoff is pulling in on the carburetor when you turn the key to RUN. I suspect that the safety circuits are inhibiting the ignition, but the absence of a fuel pump pulsing is a separate issue for sure.

Here is the 322 ignition wiring excerpt that shows the seat switch, ignition and fuel cutoff etc as interconnected with the TDCM.

To make sure that the key switch is wired correctly and is the correct one (Deere makes several mechanically similar switches that are internally unique...) verify by the below information:

When the key is in the run position, does the hour meter run? maybe you have a bad ground between the engine and the frame (these engines are on rubber motor mounts...)

Let us know what you find...and if you need more info on the wiring diagrams that can be excerpted from the TM1591 manual -- you should get this complete manual as it will help you maintain your 322. I will e-mail you one larger excerpt that is too big to post here.

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