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330, 430?

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Im considering a diesel tractor and have a 330 and a 430 in my sights. I am a 110-112, 200 series guy and would appreciate any help as far as known problems and things to look for on either. Thanks
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well depends what you need.the 430 is a monster.i have both a 332 and a 430 and for in town the 332 rocks but out on the farm with 6 acres to mow the 430 rules.
yeah, I know their capabilities, but are there any known problems I should look for?
430 is a nice machine, I own one. i was able to work on a 332 and it was fun too just a bit smaller after being on the 430 and 420 for a few years.

After adding a 2 speed tranny and making the tiller connect to a 332, I tested the 332 with a hydr tiller and was impressed with its performance. Kinda makes me want one for the 430 now.
Don't know about 430, but the 330 is almost identical to the much more common 332. So, your Best bet for finding info might be to search the archive for "332 problems", where you'll mostly find electrical and cooling system issues.

The shaky Yanmar causes electrical connections to come loose, then other related problems... over charging battery, then acid leaks for example. Often, adding the starter improvement kits helps too.

The cooling system is somewhat undersized, so needs extra maintenance for best performance.

The hydro transmission lacks a cooler on 332 and 330, so probably should be monitored as well.

And since the Yanmar runs WOT at a bit slower RPM than the Onans, for mowing with 50" deck, the optional speed up pulley helps increase blade tip speed and suction.
I would look for a 332, they have power steering and 2 hydraulic circuits, where as the 330 is manual steering and 1 circuit.

Ya, the 330/332 doesnt have a transmission oil cooler, but I dont think people are reporting problems with them.

My tranny runs strong even when working hard pulling a moldboard plow.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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