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not sure of year; it's from mid to late 80's 330 lawn tractor with diesel engine; GREAT tractor but all the sudden the blades wont engage, has a newer blade engage switch from few years ago; new alternator, newer battery, new key switch. usually run ever week to cut lawn but this time it won't turn blades on, messed wiht it and they turned on when the feel like if u stay still, but when you start moving and bumping around, they shut down, couldn't find any loose connections? sometimes it wont even turn on while standing still; you gotta move tractor and basically clicks on blades when it wants to, ALSO with engine off i can hear relay clicking everytime i turn the switch on and off, but the light on dash is not illuminating unless blades are turning on(meaning i can flip the switch for blades to ON and light on dash wont illuminate unless blades actually TURN on). PLEASE HELP! my grass is a hay field..
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