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332 Alternator bolt question

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Does anyone know the size of the 2 bolts that bolt the alternator to the bracket? 1 broke off and we have to get it out and replace it. I am assuming its metric as I have tried a few different standard ones I have laying around and they don't fit.
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The spacer is clearly shown in PC2149 for the 322 version of this Yanmar engine on the page with the fan and water pump -- it is item #24 and the part number is M802003 (it is called a 'hub' in the parts breakdown...) Deere sells this new for $22.07 and GreenFarmParts.com on line has it for $17.99 on their site.

The spacer/hub is used on other Deere machines with similar Yanmar engine/water pump/fan configurations such as the 655, 755, 756, 855 and 856 Compact Utility Tractors and the F1145 front mower.

I will send you a PDF of the PC2149 so it will be easier for you to search for parts than using the on-line version on the JDParts site...plus you can readily print the illustrations. Many of the parts are the same on the 322 and 332 tractors.


Yes, I know that your tractor is the diesel version, not the 322 like I have -- just wanted to share the info that is common to both (the PC2149 covers the frame, body panels, driveline, wheels, etc. in addition to the gas Yanmar engine)

I saw that the 332 parts catalog did not show this spacer, and of course the fan itself is listed as a different part number (M89184 versus the M802453 shown for the 322...) so perhaps that is part of the reason no spacer hub is shown/needed.

Usually the squeal relating to the fan is from the blade *TIPS* touching the shroud, and that is often caused by sagging motor mounts at that end of the engine. Do the tips of your fan blades look like they are getting abraded by the metal shroud?

If the squeal is from a misalignment of the drive and driven pulleys (in other words the belt is not running in a single plane...) you should be able to see any such offset that would be significant enough to cause a rubber squeak. The hub used on the 322 is about as thick as the belt itself, so if the pulley needed such a spacer the alignment would be obviously wrong...but that would imply the spacer would need to go between the pulley and the pump hub, not between the pulley and the fan.

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