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332 Alternator bolt question

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Does anyone know the size of the 2 bolts that bolt the alternator to the bracket? 1 broke off and we have to get it out and replace it. I am assuming its metric as I have tried a few different standard ones I have laying around and they don't fit.
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Metric is about all I can tell you. I would think the dealer could help you out with that. I do find the bolts oxide in near the alternator on these and can be a bear to remove.
Trying to get out-weld. Tig if you have it works almost the best from one of the help video's I watched since you are just adding heat to a small area and not adding material (weld stick) until you want. But you can still weld mig/arc. Just might take a couple times to get the heat needed to break it. Or-just torch the bolt part hot. Is it broke flush or recessed into the hole?
If the belt is aligned and tight-no squeal. I can't remember if there is a spacer-but I didn't touch the fan/waterpump-just the alternator.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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