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332 Alternator bolt question

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Does anyone know the size of the 2 bolts that bolt the alternator to the bracket? 1 broke off and we have to get it out and replace it. I am assuming its metric as I have tried a few different standard ones I have laying around and they don't fit.
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I guess the other option would be to drill and use nut and bolt too but won't know til we dig into it. Looks like there is enough room if I remove the exhaust to get in there with a right angle drill and drill the bolt and use an easy out. All I care about is not breaking the ear off on the bottom. Thanks Travis.
It is sticking out a little bit.
I noticed on another thread in the archives about some spacer that is supposed to go behind the fan on the water pump. I see no reference to this spacer on JD parts. I have mine in pieces just got done replacing the belt and put drive shaft back together.. There was no spacer behind the fan when I took it off.. The archived post said that the belt will squeal without this spacer???
Ok then I am at a loss cause I can't find it anywhere on JD parts.. I am at a standstill til I can figure this out.
Talked to 2 different dealers and even they don't see a spacer. The only spacer they see is on the 322 between the fan and pulley. At a loss here, if it does squeal I guess I could add some washers in there to pull pulley out a little bit. Thanks guys.
Thank you Chuck!! Appreciate it. This was a confusing one due to the JD parts site not having any knowledge of this on their site. Mine seems to be running ok with no squeal, but this may be something I should get for my 332.
NOTE, I have a 332 not a 322, yes there is a
spacer shown on the 322 that goes between the pulley and fan, I saw this and it seems to have nothing to do with the 332. I guess I am confused as some say there is a spacer that goes on the shaft between the pulley and the hub. This is what I am confused about.
Chuck, AWESOME info. This may help future users. I sincerely appreciate the feedback! I (as a new 332 owner) was just trying to sort it out. This is what makes this site awesome!! Thanks again!
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