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Hey Guys
Today me and my good buddy Stewart, were using my 332 getting ready for the North Alabama Plow Day. I was disking and the ground I was going over was kinda rough. I noticed the engine started running rough. So I drove it back to my truck. Thinking I had trashy fuel, I went to the John Deere Dealer bought a 2 fuel filters, and a new air filter. I changed the fuel filter and air filter and went back to work. Well about 15 minutes of shaking around it started missing again, this time is was worse, and I almost didn't get it back on the trailer. So it come to me to check the fuel pickup tube, and I did, I drained out the tank, and low and behold, the come out the pickup tube, It was broken off, SO, I cleaned the screen, and peeled off the rest of the brittle tube. Now here is my question. How long of a pickup tube do I need, AND what kind of tube do you guys recommend.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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