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332 smokey blowby ???

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I think the answer is not good, but what causes smoke to come out of the blowby on a 332? How can it be fixed? Thanks, Don
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Not exactly the same engine, but my 650 compact (Yanmar 2 cyl) had blow by when I got it. I started constant (well, really frequent) oil changes and the problem cleared up. It only takes a couple quarts anyhow.
Usually smoke out of the blowby is caused by bad rings, or scored holes. Your best bet is to hook up a water manomoter and check the blowby. There should be a spec, but not sure what it is.
Don, a little should be ok, but if its bad, then you have some worn out internals.

Does it go away as the engine heats up? These yanmars have very high oil pressure spikes when cold, and it tamed down as the oil warms up and thins out.
My 430 smoked a bit when I first had it. I changed the oil to Castrol Deisel type and most of the smoking stopped. I have no idea what PO used in it.
Are you seeing smoke or just steam? My 332 will mist out a small amount of steam until the engine is completely up to operating temp. At that point it has boiled off the condensation in the crankcase and stops misting steam.
I ran the 332 for close to two hours and it smoked the entire time and left black oil on the side of the engine and front of the mowing deck. It seems to have plenty of power, but I can't handle the smoke. I will change the oil and filter next to see if that helps. Thanks for all the help! I will keep you guys updated on what I find. Don
Well it looks like I have another project. I used seafoam in the fuel, changed the oil and filter. Ran the 332 for a good hour and there was a steady flow of smoke coming out the blowby. Does anyone have a CTM3 Yanmar manual they would be willing to sell for a reasonable price? I am thinking at the least I am looking at a set of rings. Advice on what test to do next? Thanks, Don
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How many hours do you have on the tractor, I am just curious?

Yes I am curious about the hours also. I have 1700+ on a 330 and I have some small blowby but not bad enough to catch in a photo!!

What to do next? how about a compression test?
Not sure of the hours. The hour meter only showed 437 hours but was not connected!!! The tractor was over heating and I bet the rings are toast! Yes I plan a compression test this fall! Thanks everyone--- Don
Hey guys,

Does anyone have the Deere part numbers for gaskets on this engine?

It's a complete tear down.

Trying to see if I can source parts at my local Deere dealer before going the "kit" route.

Dave can look it up yourself at www.jdparts.com. It is a site supported by JD that you can join with no cost involved. It allows you to look up parts for all JD equipment, see if the part is still available and also the cost at a dealer of your choice. It also lets you know if the dealer has the part in stock or would need to ordered. Hours of reading if you are interested in JDs. Roger

Yes, I am registered on the JD parts website. Comprehensive indeed.

Just checking if anyone had done the parts list for this rebuild.....
I just did/had done my 345 for a cam change. I bet if you asked the service or parts department at the dealer what gaskets are needed to do what you want you could get a print out of what is needed. After all they are their to assist a customer in the service they are doing. My dealer will at least do that. Roger

Worth a try in fact I'll also try with my PC.

Was trying from my phone (tiny screen), not easy
Roger, just FYI, after spending about 15 minutes on the JD parts site , I found this part #: MIA10941"cylinder block gasket kit".

Apparently that's a gasket kit for the 425/445 with 22 gaskets.

You are right, delving into that site will reveal...
Dave I don't use or have a smart phone and only use the desk top computer for these kind of searches. I will be 66 in a couple of days and it is just to hard on my eyes to use little screens for this kind of detail work. Roger
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