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332 Spool Valve question

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Since I can't get the inside lever unstuck I think I need to remove and or replace the spool valve. I noticed that a lot of people say u can use one from a 318. Is that true or do I need to get an exact SN replacement.

Btw, the SN on my 332 is 100767. Thanks
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Well, you have to remove to replace, so I would try the interim step of repairing the one you have. I did this on my 332 a few years back. One piston was hanging up on something I never could "see."

I polished that piston and the bore with very fine Emory cloth, the polishing wheel and I think even some lapping compound until it traveled freely. A good cleaning, new o rings and it was good to go. Truth told, I must have over done it a bit as that circuit will leak down pretty quickly, but it is perfectly functional.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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