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332 Transmission Support Bracket

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I am thinking about upgrading my 332's transmission support bracket. It's only about $20, but isn't it the same as older version except for added flex notch, and one less bolt hole? What about just modifying the older bracket with a notch cutout? Anyone tried this? The new version is 1B in diagram. Part# M93640. Any other thoughts?

For those new to this issue, below is an excerpt from service manual. The newer bracket's increased flexibility also supposedly prevents frame cracks, in addition to the gasket leaks mentioned. Tractors with serial numbers before #597118 had the older bracket.

NOTE: Early models have two bolts (A) attaching
differential to frame support bracket (C). Later
models have one shoulder bolt (A) or one bolt
with a washer and spacer.
IMPORTANT: It is recommended to replace the early
model differential frame support
bracket (C) with the later configuration
(D). The early models attached the
differential to the frame support bracket
with two bolts (A). One in the
differential case and the other in the
differential cover. When the machine Early Models
went over rough terrain, the flexing of
the cover and case caused the
differential gasket to leak. With the later
model frame support bracket installed,
the slotted hole and single shoulder
bolt (A) (attached to the case only) will
allow for flexing, eliminating any
possible leaks.

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Looks like an easy fix with a cutoff wheel.
That's what I'm thinking. But perhaps there's more difference to these two brackets than just the notch. Hopefully someone else knows, before I start grinding.

There were some threads on this forum about a year or two ago abut this issue with the two bolts used on the older brackets putting undue stress on the transmission housing (on the 318, I believe...) so you definitely want to at the very least take out the one bolt and use a shoulder bolt on the other location..

I think that the notch is to clear the later hydro linkage mechanism...probably does not make the bracket itself very much more flexible.

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