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My 1999 335 stopped running after cutting the whole lawn. Checked both plugs and no spark. Also checked fuel flow also. It quit 2 weeks earlier and no spark then. Tested again and had spark, so cut grass.I can't think both coils would go bad at the same time. If anyone has had this problem I would like to hear what was the cause. Thanks very much for your help. Richard

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Pull the top shroud so that you can get to the coils. Our 335 had a problem shutting down, only one side of the engine would quit running when the key was turned to OFF.

A short to ground in the lead to the coils would kill the spark.

Found a broken wire at the push on connector at the left coil.

While you are in there clean the engine cooling fins and if you have not adjusted the valves in the last 300 hours of use do it now.

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