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37a Thrower Chain Length?? 6-12" coming soon!

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does a john deere 425 use the same quick connects for the attachments as the older 300 series? i am goin to look at a 425 and i would like to rig up a gauge so i can check the hydro pressure. thanks
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Josh , 425's typically don't have the hydraulic couplers standard. However they can be added.


THe 4X5 tractors use AM115139 Quick couplers which are completely different from the 300 Series tractors. The cost around $30 each.
I need 4 of them for my 425.

George of Buford
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George, The Green Dealer on ebay is selling the whole coupler kit for $49 plus shipping. Part # BM20761. This is the set I got for my 425 and they work great.

That is a good price and it includes the dust caps!

George of Buford
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Just sheared the bolt on the thrower, easy to replace and had just finished clearing the last snowfall.....but.....

Appears the drive chain has been stretched? or knocked out of adjustment(doubt it?)...anyway it's sagging way beyond the 1/8"-1/4" recommended.

Wondering how long should the chain be?

I'm going to take it off and measure it and I can take the chain off my 'spare' 37a...but need to know the specs to fully evaluate. Never had to repair the chain before so not familiar and need sage advice.


Oh and another 6-12 inches is forecast, starting this afternoon thru tomorrow afternoon...so really need to get 'er fixed!
Anne,there is adjustment on the chain. Have you tried that? There are two different size chains for 37a throwers depending on serial#. Hope your parts thrower is in the same serial range. The serial break is U/O 115,000. One calls for 65 links of #50 chain while the other calls for 81 links of #40.

Anne do you have the chain routed correctly. If it is routed wrong it is to long and the blower turns backwards. It should look like the picture. Roger

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Something else to check that would cause the chain to be loose would be the idle sprocket bearings.

Thanks Robert, that info helps. Might be able to adjust it in, didn't appear so at first glance.

Yes Roger, I have the chain routed correctly. Been running this thrower hard for 15 years right up until I hit that stick yesterday after clearing the driveway.

Got the spare chain off yesterday after digging out the 'spare' shed. Will thaw out worker, disassemble and evaluate later today after shoveling out to the chicken coop and raking the shed roof.

Hovered around 0F all day yesterday, much warmer this morning at 14F....but a new 8" of snow overnight and still coming down. Glad I'm 'retired'.
It is already here. We had two "snow storms" in Northern OHIO. Both four inches worth. That just isn't enough snow to even turn the key on the lawn tractor.

The only manner in which to draw in a serious storm is to take the tractor or snow thrower apart.
We're forecast 3-5 feet here. We already got 10 inches this afternoon, the worst is supposed to come tonight. We just got 2 1/2 feet Tuesday night.
We get very heavy lake effect snow off the eastern shore of Lake Ontario.
Also, you should be able to loosen up the shaft that has the small sprocket on it and tighten the chain. I have had them so loose, they could not be tightened enough. If the chain is still in good shape, it can have a link removed.
To answer your original question about the chain, you can check roller chain for wear by holding it on its side and seeing how much it flexes laterally. It should be quite straight. If it flexes a lot that is because the bushing holes have grown and the pins have worn down.

That said, I can tell you that if you haven't yet changed the chain in 15 years. It is worn out.
"That said, I can tell you that if you haven't yet changed the chain in 15 years. It is worn out."

You think so?


Yeah its worn a tad I`m sure !!!
Yep 15 years of hard work and neglect and it's tired out, couple of rollers gone but didn't check the lateral wear. Pretty good run huh?

Sprockets and bearings all good, there was more adjustment availability visible after thawing the ice off than initially apparent.

Luckily the spare chain was in decent shape and the same size. I got it installed / adjusted easily and cleared a foot of snow off the driveway in about an hour.

I'm about 15 miles from the east coast of Lake Michigan, so I know about lake effect snow. Luckily it's been very cold so snow was light, ground was solid, and even the plow wash off my 2 lane shouldered road was easily moved out of the way.

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Yep, that chain has had it. When I needed a replacement, I went to my local farm implement dealer and bought some bulk chain. They counted the links in my old one and measured the length and got me the length I needed.
Most places have 2 grades of chain, cheap import chain and premium US made chain. I got the US made stuff, it stretched in the initial few hours, but after that required very little adjusting.
I take the cover off every fall and oil the chain with chainsaw bar and chain oil.
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