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400 fender deck

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Does anyone have a diagram of the rear fender deck. I would like to see if I need any washers or spacers before I attempt not to scratch it when I put it on. I got my Super Lugs on today. They look great. Thanks in advance
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Jared.. maybe somebody else knows for sure but I didn't see any washers or spacers on any of my 400's. I have three and have had the fenderpans off all of them. My manual doesn't show any either. Btw, you are not allowed to install Super Lugs unless you post pics. It's a much hallowed WFM rule and you would not be allowed to use the secret handshake anymore if you break it. If we had a secret handshake.

All my manual says on fenderdecks is this:

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Jared, mine didn't have any spacers etc, just the lug for the rear lighting ground. I think since the mounting hole is actually a 'bump' that holds the deck up, I assume that serves as the spacing.

There are two cap screws just above the arrow "F" that will strip and shear off the new paint when you attempt to slide the fender deck back into place.
Hello everyone. I'm a proud owner of a JD 180 (bought new), and a JD G100 purchased on craigslist about a month ago. I have a question (sorry if I should have posted elsewhere). My left rear tire went flat, so I took the tire off and took it to have it repaired (put a tube in it), replaced the tire. All was good until I tried to get the lawn mower to move. It cranked up fine but will not go forward or back. I engaged the parking brake. I can't for the life of me figure that I messed up the hydro tranny with no more than that. My JD 180 is a gear drive. I know nothing about the hydro. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Welcome Kyle,is the cruise lever all the way off? If not,it could cause such a problem
Moved to proper forum. Both the 180 and G100 are considered Late Model therefore belongs in this section.
Kyle when you slid the wheel/tire back on after the repair I would bet you knocked the key on the axle off and the axle is turning in the wheel because of lack of a key. Roger
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