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400 Starter not enguaging

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My 81 400 is not enguaging the starter. There is no clicking form the solenoid. It has a new ignition switch. If I jump the posts on the soleniod it will enguage. Any idea on what to check and how to check it. Thanks in advance.

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How does one order JD parts online?

I went to John Deere's website and can't manage to order parts.

On one section of the site I managed to order a "Home Maintenance Kit", which included filters, plugs and oil. Fine, but I may need a fuel pump and/or other things.

I ended up on jdparts.com, registered for an account, put my 425's info in, and found the parts diagrams. I put a fuel pump and a few other things in the cart and went to check out.

A little red flag was beside the parts. I clicked on it, and it then listed the four dealers nearest to me, and none of them have the part.

But, I couldn't find anything I could click to be able to actually order the parts! All it will do is show me four dealers who don't have it. I don't want to drive to a dealer even if they did have the parts.

I need to order the parts so they're waiting when I get home, so I spend my time putting them on rather than making a long drive.

So, where can I order JD parts online?

Thanks in advance.
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You order the part with a credit card and JD ships it to the dealer you listed and then you pick it up when it comes in. You can also use Keeping It Green on the top of the page and they are a JD dealer. Both ways you are going to pay shipping. I just go to my dealer and order the part and get it with the standard dealer order. There is no shipping charge at all. That is the cheapest way I have found to buy parts and at least my dealer gets parts twice a week depending on time of the year so at most I have to wait 4 or 5 days. Roger
I have an account with JD Financial, I order online, through my JDParts account, shipped to my local dealer. They receive them on their stock order (twice weekly) so there's no shipping charges, I have them bill my "in house" account and then I'm lucky enough to have their service adviser bring them home to his house for close local pickup. It couldn't be much easier, I appreciate it very much.
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