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400 tractor service manual, view it HERE & NOW

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Okay Black-Sheep,
Grab it and growl.
Here is the link to the only place I know of on the web for the 396pg service manual for the JD 400 hydrostatic tractor. You can view it for FREE. For a few bucks you can download it or print it off. Its in PDF format.
It also contains the rear PTO, MOWER DECK, REAR TILLER and SNOWBLOWER complete info.
My daughter Emma was by for a visit and set this up for us. Dads a computer dummy.
Enjoy, JZM

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I forgot to mention scribd.com has a free one month trial membership. After that $8.99 a month subscription fee for unlimited down loads to any of their catalog.

I saw somewhere $3.99 a month with a one year subscription.
You can ''view'' for free anytime, ''no subscription'' involved.
Lots of other JD literature there. The problem is digging it out.
I lost count of the hours it took for me to originally locate this 400 manual. Kind of like searching for a NOS crank for a k532. Ha! later,JZM
Downloaded for me in 30sec. Thanks

The file at scribd contains bonus footage.
ie the optional factory attachments I listed previously. JZM
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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