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420 no power to wheels

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I changed the axle seal on the differential, I also changed the fluid and filter. Now when I start up the tractor I get no power to the wheels. I do have the power steering and hydraulics, so Im thinking the pump is pressured. When I slid the axle in the differential I did not have to mesh the axle with the differential gears. this does not seem right. any Ideas
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Did you take the fender pan off?

If so could it be as simple as leaving the 2 speed lever in neutral?

If you bolted the axle housing back up it meshed with the internals otherwise it wouldn't go together.

yes the fender pan is off and tranny is tried in low and high range no power. I did bolt the axle housing back up fit good.
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This may sound obvious, but start at the engine. Make sure the 4 bolts are all secure and tight then work your way back to the pump. Checking the universals, and the yoke to make sure all is in proper order. IF that is all good , then I'm afraid it's internal. Although make sure all the exterior linkage for the high/low lever is all connected. Hope it helps good luck
Could the free wheeling valves be stuck open? Make sure the little buttons are up.
Glen - Test if the axle is engaged to the differential gears by;
1. Engine off
2. Hi/LO selector engaged in either Hi or Lo
3. Jack up the rear wheels
2. Turn one wheel.
The other wheel should turn in the opposite direction if the axle and gears are engaging. If not, something in the differential /axle gears / spider gears are not engaging. Good luck - Ted
what little valves are you referring to what little buttons.

I did try that and there is no turning of opposite wheel. On that point could you get the axle in the housing and not mesh the gears. I have pulled axles on my semi and you have to play with them a little to get them to mesh when you slide them back in. Thanks guys
Glen, I don't think the 420's have the valves like dan is referring to. On the 140's there's 2 valves that get depressed when you tighten a lever between your legs when your setting on the seat. On our 420's you have the lever at the right side of the step-thru that u change from hi to low. Just make sure that isn't in the neutral position.
Thanks Keith , that make more sense about the valves. I did make sure the high low is working it does go in and out all the way no power. I hate to say it I think I am looking at a bad differential I brought the tractor 2 years ago and used it 1 summer then did a repower and a restore, at times the power divider seemed to work and then it did not (engagement was not always happening).Well I am at the end of the restoration I guess I will start looking for a new differential get it replaced and have fun.
Glen, I don't understand your description of the hi/lo going in and out? If you can roll the tractor your not in gear. Can you roll it? Mine is sometimes hard to get into gear (hi or lo). I have to rock it back and forth slightly to engage.
Sounds to me that the axle must have went in unmeshed..otherwise you would have the wheel on the opposite side spinning...just my 2 cents.
Glenn at this point , If your 3 times sure all the linkage is correct, and its definately locking into low or high,then my friend , If it was mine id probably pull the rear end and start investigating. If you said you had issues with it before locking into hi or low, Id say now that i hear that there maybe something wearing internally. Before u go out and buy a new or other used rear end , I'd get the tech manual, and a couple of cold ones and start looking into the rear.
Glenn, first thing i'd look at is what Joe said.
OK I have figured this out.
When I bought the tractor I was giving some extra parts, including axles well they are different. I replaced the seal and put the wrong axle back in it was with the parts and it is shorter. I pulled the axle and put the 2 side by side, the 420 axle is longer put old axle in issue resolved.
Thanks everyone
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