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My '91 420 is a great tractor that gets lots of use with a blade, FEL, blower and tiller. I'm in no hurry to replace it but the Onan is blowing oil past the rings (per a recent leak down test) and has 75-80 psi - so it's only a matter of time! I've read different forums about Vanguard repower options including SEW, Jim's Repair, Harbor Freight and others. The Vanguard seems to get pretty good reviews overall so that's where I'm looking at this point. I live way up north in the western part of the UP of Michigan. It's a great place to live but pretty limited with machine and fab shops which means that if I do the swap myself, the kit has to have everything as there's nothing close by where I can pick up whatever else is needed. I've read through the posts and can see this topic has been discussed quite a bit, but the posts are several years old. Does anyone have experience with the swap from SEW? Does the kit have everything that's needed? I'm just looking to make this as simple as possible without having to chase down other parts so any comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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