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I have an opportunity to buy a 420 that has a very tired Onan engine. It is an early 80's, hours unknown. 60" deck, 54" snow blade, liquid filled bar tires and rear turf tires, front tires in good condition too, chrome wheel covers, good seat, 3 way hydraulics, it's all there. No body/fender damage. I would say that the engine is in need of an overhaul or maybe a repower. What is this unit worth and what should I offer the guy? I think he would take a grand.... Thanks in advance!

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Rules say no whats it worth but I feel that this forum is about education, and price is one thing that takes learning.

Here are some starting points. Others feel free to also give ideas, but some ballparks from what I have seen.

Tractor with call it a blown engine $800-1500 if really nice tinwork and really tight yet.

Engine, sell the starter, muffler, carb and other small things and make a few hundred. Or sell it all as a rebuilder.

Deck 3-400 if nice

blade-350-450 if nice

Wheel covers could be worth $100 if JD ones in nice shape

Bar tires with fluid 1-200

I drove to Indiania(price was VERY attractive) for my 420 which had a blown engine, snowblower and 60" deck, all in good shape.

Repowered it with a Kohler Command.


And ended up with this:

Keep us posted.

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Rick, the list rules are pretty specific about "no 'what's it worth'" posts. From a practical perspective, a 30-odd year old tractor with a runout engine is "worth" whatever someone is willing to pay for it. You say that you think you can get it for $1000 more-or-less.

As you know, a 420 is a very capable machine, if brought up to good condition. You say it has a 60" mower deck and a 54" blade. Any additional stuff, like a rear PTO or a 3-point hitch? What is the condition of the mower deck and the blade? Is it leaking hydraulic fluid, and does the transaxle drive the tractor in both directions?

I'd address the question of dealing with a runout engine by planning to rebuild it. That assumes that the engine starts and runs on two cylinders. And are you prepared to put 100-200 hours of "sweat equity" into doing the needed work? I am not one to change out an Onan engine for a repower conversion, which, I think, is the reverse of what a lot of people on this forum would tell you.

Also, do you have a "mission" for a 420 in addition to the tractors you have? Or are you just thinking about a showpiece in a collection. I have four garden tractors on my 2.5 acre place, and all get used. If somebody showed me a good 420 Wyoming (relatively) rust-free core with a mower and a blade to fix up and use for $1K, they'd have the $1K and I'd have the tractor.

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