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420 Won't Start

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I can jump the solenoid with a wrench and the tractor will start with the key turned on. No issues, I can mow the whole yard but once I turn off the key switch I've got to jump the solenoid again to start it.

I had issues mid winter when the brain box terminals were corroded, those got cleaned and dialectic greased. At which time I did all the plugs on the wiring harness.

I've replaced the solenoid, key switch, fuse block. It just won't send juice to the solenoid when I turn over the key switch. Is it a safety switch?
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Hello Kenneth,
Is OK with me but I believe this particular thread is about\for a 420 not starting.
Do as you wish but if you want responses\replies to a for sale item(s), - you'd be much better off to post in the WFM Classifieds, For Sale section. Good Luck. Bobo
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