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420 Won't Start

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I can jump the solenoid with a wrench and the tractor will start with the key turned on. No issues, I can mow the whole yard but once I turn off the key switch I've got to jump the solenoid again to start it.

I had issues mid winter when the brain box terminals were corroded, those got cleaned and dialectic greased. At which time I did all the plugs on the wiring harness.

I've replaced the solenoid, key switch, fuse block. It just won't send juice to the solenoid when I turn over the key switch. Is it a safety switch?
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Hi Matthew, with Chuck and Hank you already have two of the best electrical folks in the world helping but looking at my tech manual, the TDCM is not involved in this problem as Hank mentions. The pink wire runs from key switch to TDC module but then just uses that as common terminal to tie up with the purple wire running to PTO switch. You'd better check your connections to see if something is corroded or loose as the pink/purple have to be at same potential unless something is loose.
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