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I picked up an excellent running 1200 hour 445 and after about 15 minutes of running it around I lost reverse.I thought one of the valves might have stuck so I pulled it apart and found the valve blown apart.

I borrowed a valve from a friends rear but found the port holes a little larger.I know there are different valves called for when using a loader so I am assuming the larger port valve is for a loader? What is the difference,flow,pressure or both?

What could cause this valve to fail like this?

I did change the valve and put 15 minutes on the machine and all seems to be working fine.
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The loader valve is forward only and is much taller than the normal one. It is my understanding that the normal ones are just checks with no pressure relief

The normal forward valve is just a bypass when you want to move the tractor by hand. The forward loader valve is set to 1500PSI to protect the hydro from pressure spikes from the loader and also operates as a bypass valve to move the tractor manually.

The original forward or reverse valves could not be disassembled to replace the o rings. There is a newer version that is a two piece unit that can be serviced. Sounds like you had one of the newer "better" ones installed in the tractor that serviced itself.

George of Buford
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