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43 Front Blade extension

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Hello late model section! I think now I have finally posted in every forum!

I picked up a 2000 455 today from a forum member. If anyone needs parts, Bob Colebank is a very fair person.

At any rate, this tractor had a Cozy cab with a heater mounted on it. We took the cab off, and just plugged the coolant lines till I got home with it. I pulled the long extension hoses off that had powered the heater, and the way they had it piped involved a tee'd in valve, and then a return line back into the t-stat housing.

I was wondering if someone may have a picture or two of how the hoses are suppose to go right around that t-stat housing. I will be replacing the top coolant hose off the radiator, but what I can't quite figure is how the other lines are suppose to be. I looked on JDparts, but they don't exactly show what a complete picture would do.

If you have any pictures, and do not want to resize them, feel free to email them to me with my email from my profile.

Thanks for any help!
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Www.jdparts.com will show the hoses in their correct position if you look up a 455. Roger will
Roger, I have looked on JD parts, as well as ordered a manual for it, but I am wondering if they changed something on this particular tractor, as the online parts does not show quite what I have.
Well, after looking at it in a different light this am, I figured out they had a valve (that was broken) attached where a sensor should have been. Pulled it off, and re screwed the sensor back in, and we are in business.

So, no need for pictures.
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So I have a 214 w/hydro lift and 43 blade. Problem is I am running starter weights plus an addition wheel weight on top. The valve stems are facing inward. Seems to me the weights wouldn't let me run them out. The weights are slightly wider then the width of the plow. Is there any simple solution to widen the plow a couple of inches on each side?
A chunk of water heater or air compressor tank and a welder should get it done.

Or if you happen to know someone who can slip roll 12ga (or so) steel that will make the pieces too.
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