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430 Alternator

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Would like some info. about how far I need to disassemble my 430 to replace the alternator belt.
The shaft is loose from the engine but wont side back enough. Do I remove the shaft, or pull the engine, or--? One reason I was looking for a labor time list as it helps on what is involved, usually. Thanks for any help. George.
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If you remove the two bolts that secure the driveshaft to the hydro pump, that should give you just enough room to slide the shaft back a little farther from the engine block.

I replaced mine with a link belt and it works great. McMaster-Carr 6173K37.

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Thank you both. Paul that was to be my next step,
just wasn't sure that would give enough room.
Never tried using a link belt before Bob, but sure would try one if sliding the shaft back didn't do it. Has to be better then going deeper.
Thanks again for the replays. George.
Slid the shaft back and changed the belt. I have 2 430's and both needed alt. belts. Thanks again.
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