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430 Electrical short?

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I've had a new issue come up on my 430. I went to start it the other day, after having just mowed the yard the day before. The dash lights, fuel pump, etc all came on fine. I waiting for the glow plugs to go off, and tried to start and got nothing. Now the lights were very very dim and I could hear buzzing from the relays. Ok, seemed like maybe bad connection. I have new batter cables on it. I checked them, connections seemed good.
I got the voltmeter out. Checked batter at 12.39 volts. Pulled the fuses and checked voltage good there. Using a frame ground. Lights still very dim, fuel pump not running. No crank.
I pulled the 10 amp fuse out and turned the key on and I had fuel pump running. Put the 10 amp fuse back in pump goes off, relays buzzing. Fuse block is new.
I removed the 8 pin connector from the time delay module, turned on key and had bright dash lights. I tried the starter and went back to the same problem. So just a fluke that that helped. I assumed it might since pulling the 10 amp fuse allowed the fuel pump to run.
So, it seems like there's an issue with a connection maybe somewhere. I've checked ground connections and they seem good.
Thoughts? Switch not allowing good positive connection?
I hate to leave the key on while I'm testing, I'm afraid I'm going to burn out a relay
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First occurrence? I've never had a hiccup with my 430, but would start by charging/load testing the battery, and pulling/inspecting/testing the key switch and all connections.
Yeah, first occurrence. The battery is 20 years old, but It's been starting it just fine and had just started it less than 24 hours ago. I topped it off with a charger too.
20 years old?? Or is that a typo?
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20 years old?? Or is that a typo?
Haha, no it's not a typo. It's been working fine and still showing good charge. date sticker on it is 2002
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What brand pray tell? I normally get about 5 years out of the 2-3 year batteries I buy. Always worthwhile to pull/check the key switch in gremlin situatios.
It's a Napa brand.
I may need to pull the switch. I checked power to the fuse block which comes directly from the switch
I'll try another battery this evening and see what I get
Could be a short in the starter, try jumping the starter.
We'll, I'm embarrassed to say it but the issue was my 20 year old battery. I guess it's time to retire it.
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20 years. Wow, you got your moneys worth out of that.

You might get a lottery ticket on the way to replace the battery.

I got about 13 years service on the FACTORY battery in my Aerostar van and thought that was exceptional... Your 20 year battery life is excellent and it did not owe you anything -- did you keep it on a tender when in the shed?

I can't claim credit for it. I just bought the tractor about 6 months ago, but I know the guy well that I bought it from. He's had it since new. He maintains his equipment really well so I would imagine he's kept it on charge. Most I've got is 14 years out of battery in my f150
That’s pretty good for a battery. I have an LX255 mower here that I put an old 2002 Walmart EverStart small car battery in a couple years ago just for testing. It’s still going and holds a strong charge. Sometimes you get a good one…
Lead-acid batteries of the type being discussed here are sensitive to the number of cycles as well as the age -- and particularly impacted by full discharge and/or being left in a low/complete discharge state for any period of time. If you don't abuse a battery by full discharge and keep it maintained as to charge replenishment, then life is mostly determined by the number of CYCLES of being discharged and the number of years since manufacture. Here is a chart comparing the properties of quite a few battery chemistries, with lead-acid on the first line. Note the 10 to 1 variability of the cycle life for this battery technology -- hence it is a factor in our wide experience on how long another battery lasts by the calendar...
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This is very much like knowing the hours on an engine...how it was maintained and how hard it was worked are factors that apply to remaining life as much as raw hours.

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