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430 Hood and Grill What Paint

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I had the steel Panels on my 430 powercoated. I am now preparing to have the hood and grille painted.
What is the best type of paint to use. I have had it suggested using 2 coats of Clear Coat as a finish to the job.
I know NOTHING about painting and I want a nice durable finish. What is the best way to go?
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Primer you can wet sand. Do a few coats of primer wet sanding between each coat. Then do about 3 coats of JD paint if possible from a spray gun that you can mix some hardner and thinner and wet sand after the two coats. Final paint add more thinner and hardner so it really shin and just watch that it is a thinner coat. Not so thin it looks dull but since it is so much thinner it can run easier on the paint. Make sure you paint where it isn't dusty and where bugs won't land on the paint-never fails to get a bug to land on the fresh paint.

What I described is for show quality. No need to do that well if for everyday use.

My 332 fender paint had peeling powder coat. I sand blasted it off but after painting found out there was just enough on the surface left that the paint looks a little grainy looking if up close. Put a couple coats of paint on and didn't wet sand. But-it is better then it was before and it is working machine.
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