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430 starting issue

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OK all you wonderful diesel guys. I need your help. Was using my 89 430 mowing. mowed 2 hours, drove it 6 blocks to fill with fuel. Started it up left for home. Saw a friend working on a 46 truck, stopped to chat. went to start the tractor nothing. It was kicking in the fuel solenoid but would not engage starter. pulled home 6 blocks and left it in the barn for 4 hours. went in and tried it and it started. Seems it won't start when warm. what the hey. any thoughts. thanks Doug
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Travis, thanks I'll try testing tomorrow. I'll report back my findings. Doug
Travis, went out today to check safety circuit. I don't have a purple wire at my starter. they are all red. I tried to start the tractor and it started. Just to be safe I took the wires off the started terminal and sanded them good and sprayed them with Di-Electric grease. Hopefully this was just a one time deal. It's starting now so will keep my fingers crossed. thanks for your help. Doug
Travis, checked the wire on my safety switch. there is about 3" purple wire that is spliced to a red. So I know which is the safety circuit. The splice may be the problem. I will repair that and if it still is an issue I know which wire to disconnect off the safety switch to see if it will start. thanks Doug
ran the machine for 2.5 hours mowing and collecting. shut it off several times (as a test) and it started right up every time. I think the sloppy splice was my problem. thanks Travis,bill and knottyrope for your help and suggestions. I love this site!!!!! Doug
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