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I am looking at a 430 that the owner describes as a "worn" engine and is hard to start.It is out of state so I have no way of looking at it.I know this is a general question that ya'll(southern slang)may not be able to answer.Relative to a gas engine how costly is a general overhaul on a Yanmar diesel engine?I notice there are a lot more diesel engine shops around close to the interstate.Low compression is probably the reason for slow starting not sure.

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Hey AJ,

I just did the Yanmar in my 330. I would plan on $1000 to $1500 to do it right and not cut corners. They are not cheap. As a side note, there is no outside source for Yanmar parts besides Deere for your 430. Believe me, I tried. The model number and serial number on your Yanmar will identify it as a "Deere" Yanmar, and at that point the Yanmar specific parts distributors will run into a dead end. Deere set up an exclusive parts agreement with Yanmar with regard to Yanmar engines used in Deere products.
Mike, how many hours on the 330 b4 the overhaul? I'm looking to buy one and was curious how much life would be left in it b4 need overhaul. Thanks much, Dave
Hey Dave,

It had 1785 hours. Engine was overheated due to a plugged radiator. It would have gone much longer if not for the severe overheat. On teardown, virtually everything measured out within factory new spec. Based on that I would think several thousand hours could be reasonably expected.
MIke, Thanks much. Your experience gives me comfort in proceeding with my purchase plans. I found a low hours 330, but it has leaky radiator. Reviewed it again today and found leak where tank is brazed to core. Couple inches where seam is broken. Hope this can be repaired so I don't have to buy new radiator as they are $$$$ expensive. Again, thanks for your response, Dave
Question of the day: Maybe a couple of years ago now but who was the guy that owned a 430 or who has pictures of the 430 that had the exhaust coming out from the bottom and coming up the left side panel all dressed in chrome?

I would like to do that on my 430 and if anyone has detailed pics, I would appreciate any type of assistance pointing me in the right direction.

Thanks, Jim
Detailed list of parts would be nice too.
I have ordered some mandrel bent exhaust tubing that should be arriving anytime. Once I have that we can work on fabricating a stack for the 430 or 332 or both.
Steve, this picture I found one time on this site, the guy had a very nice chrome pipe running from under the left side panel and it came along the outside and about maybe 18" above the hood and curved. It had to be 2 or 3 inch pipe.

I am hoping someone knows of that picture.

Check the gallery ( page 4) for Eric Blocks 430. It shows the exhaust and a few angles of it. I think this is the same picture you are looking for? We heard an saw it at the little g one year, it sounds "mean"!

DING, DING, DING, DING! We have a winner! Perfect Tim, that was the one I was looking for.

I appreciate you looking and letting me know.

Steve Hayes, what do you think? Do-able!
has anyone used a M3250 on GX345?

seems it calls for a M3252 and when I compare the M3250 frame to a snow plow I have that fits the frame is 2" narrower on the m3250 and the ears that connect to tractor frame at end are inline with blower frame instead of raised above it.

It is possible to connect the m3250 to the GX345?
I think it should fit. It was designed for the 1988 to 1994 240 to 345 garden tractor. I have a 1997 345 and have a newer GX 345 blower on it. I personally would call the sales department at you local JD dealer and ask the sale people if it will fit and if you need a kit to work. I had to add a BM****** kit to my tractor to have my tractor be able to lift the deck and to mount the chute rotator parts. BM****** part numbers can only be looked up by the sales people not the parts department. You may have that on your tractor but I don't know that. Roger
Well it's been 6 years since I sold my 430. I missed it every day since. Luckily I got my wife's blessing/permission, and she let me buy another one a few weeks ago. Feels good to use one again. Now I know it's been a while since I had my first one but, this "new" one seems to be really loud from the air filter. It kind of has a low droning sound to it. Is this normal? Like I said, it's been a while since i drove one. Is this how they all sound? Thanks. Brian
Hard to define loud without being there. Any one else you know that has one or can you post a video?
B Nyhof, Some places to start. Check the your canister that holds the filter housing. Make sure it secure as well as a secure filter. Check and make sure your exhaust manifold bolts and bolts relative to your exhaust pipes are tight. Check your muffler make sure its secure and check your front two bolts at the front of your fender deck that secures your fender deck to the frame. Check the fit of your hood as well. Just looking for sources of vibration. If something is lose, noise/vibration will be magnified. Welcome back!!!!
I noticed the same thing on my new to me 430. I have a F935 with the same engine and the two do not sound the same. I was holding the air filter housing of the 430 and noticed the tone changed. I think the harmonics through the air filter housing is what we are noticing.
I think it must be the harmonics through the housing also. If I take the filter out of the housing above the radiator it gets quieter. The filter is just noisy. The rest of the tractor is tight and not rattling and making noise. My compact has a different sound all together. Must be what I am used to. Thanks for all of the replies. Brian
The old IDI (in-direct injection) diesel's are just loud and rattly to begin with. My old 1981 VW rabbit Truck 1.6L non-turbo I need to wear ear plugs driving as it has some terrible harmonics. My other rabbit car with a 1.9L IDI engine only has a turbo- is MUCH better as the turbo help chop up the sound some basically. Being a 3 cylinder Yanmar-the harmonics can get even more weird.

If all else seems good I would mow more-worry less.
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