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46" PowerPak on 50" deck?

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Greetings! I have been lurking here for about the past month after picking up my first John Deere LG tractor. It's an '88 318 with 990 hours that's mechanically sound (so far) and has fairly good paint still. It came with a 50" deck and a Berco 44" Deluxe 2 stage snowblower. I plan on doing a frame-up restoration after this winter and have already begun picking up decals, etc. for it. I'm very excited about it and am definitely looking forward to some seat time with it this winter.

Anyway, I have opportunity to pick up a 2 bag power pak for my 318, but I just received word that it came off a 46" deck. Would this fit on a 50" deck with/without modifications? If I needed to make modifications how extensive would they be?

Any insite would be greatly appreciated.


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Welcome aboard!! No the 46" blower will not fit on a 50" deck. The throat/chute on the 50" deck is deeper.

Chuck - Very nice looking 318! I agree with Charles, it won't fit. - Dave
Power Pak or Power Flow?

Power Flow blower driven of the deck = won't fit

But if its a power pak then blower/engine mounts on the tractor/bagger and has only a plastic hose adaptor that could be changed out for the other deck type.
Thanks for the input. I didn't think it (Power Flow) would fit, but I figured it was worth a shot asking you all.

I'll just continue looking for a model for the 50" deck. I had one lined up already, but it turned out the motor was bad and the asking price didn't reflect it.
Forget anything else, you have a 318
I would be driving it around the block or something. I really looks good and It doesn't seem a candidate for restoration. I usually get something in a pile of weeds and in parts
I have maintained all along that 318 is the best of the best. You are a very lucky man........WELCOME
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I guess I didn't make myself clear ... sorry.
I'm definitely going to keep the 318 and am very pleased with it
It's going to stay in the family for a long time to come.

What I meant in the last post was that I had a 3-bag bagger lined up, but the motor was bad. Sorry for the confusion Jerry.

Here's a more recent pic. I'm currently painting the rims and 50lb rear wheel weights and I have a set of Carlisle True Power A/T for the rear and Carlisle True Power for the front waiting to be put on. I have a set of chains ready, but I'm going to try not to use them on my asphalt driveway. i also have 4 suitcase weights for the back once I make up a bracket for the tiller hitch.

I already repainted the headlight reflectors and bought a new lens. I also bought a small set of fog lights that are going to be mounted on the snowblower. The new headlight lens helped out with night vision, but the chute blocks a lot of light and there aren't any street lights out here.

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Chuck you can still get the boot for the 50" deck from JD parts the boot for the 46" is NLA. IF the price is reasonable why not repower?
I have a 30 inch tiller attachment and the manual lists various tractors that it fits. Is there a way of finding out if it fits other models made after the date this manual was printed? Any help is appreciated.

Deere made two 'model 30' tillers -- a very early mechanical one and a later hydraulic one...which is it you have?

Your profile list a a 316 tractor, but again Deere made two with that designation as well -- the early closed frame tractor had a single cylinder Kohler motor and the later Onan twin cylinder powered open frame tractor is very similar to the 318 model. If you have a 30 hydraulic tiller, it would fit the 316 Onan with factory mounting brackets. Members here have modified the hydraulic tiller to fit closed frame tractors like the 300, but it requires a 3 point and some creativity.

Both of the 316 model tractors are considered 'vintage' machines and you will get more and better responses in that repair and restoration forum rather than here in the late model forum.

Chuck, apparently Deere made a 30 inch mechanical tiller for the 265 - 320 series tractors as well. I don't know if it was a "model 30" or not.

Michael, if you have the complete serial number from your tiller, we can probably tell you what it fits.

Yes, there is a later model 30 inch mechanical tiller that with various mounts fits the G100, GT235 and GT245, GX255, GX325, GX335, GX345, X465, X475, X485, X495, X575, X585 and X595 tractors.

The tines from these mechanical tillers are the same ones that bolt up to the 30 hydraulic tiller, but the mechanical unit has only eight of each left and right hand tines in the tiller width, whereas the 30 hydraulic tiller uses 10 of each. Deere part numbers on these tines are M87089 and M87088 respectively.

The newer mechanical tiller itself looks like this, but I have yet to find anything like a model number for it...

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