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I don't quite know what the nature of your problem is. Is the pulley on the blower sitting forward of the PTO pulley, or back of it?

There aren't any adjustment points on either the PTO or the blower. If you have misalignment, and the blower frame is properly seated on the tractor, I'll guess that something is misassembled.

The parts breakdown for the frame, pulley quill, and spindle is Figure 20-12 in PC1926, which you can bring up on JDParts. Note the orientation of the pulley on the spindle shaft, with the neck and setscrews forward. There should be one thrust washer on the spindle at each end, outside the bearings on the quill plate. The quill plate mounts on the frame from behind, with the threaded hole for the adjuster facing forward.

Properly assembled, the pulley should be in close vertical alignment with the PTO pulley.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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