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47 Mower Deck noise level ???

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Trying to help a buddy out with this problem: after moving for about half hout the motor act like if one cyl. cuts out. It loses power and smells like it is running rich and will sometimes do it for about 10 min. and then it will be alright for awhile. sometimes it is longer and can't seem to do anything about it. running non-oxy fuel and stableizer. now he didn't tell me if it was carb. or fuel injected so now need more pro help. thanks in advance.
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I'm not sure what's up, but the X304 will have a Kawasaki engine and will be carbed. My 445 does something similar, but only for a few seconds and it's fuel injected. I'm thinking a module or something in the ignition system that's turning off one cylinder momentarily.
Guys...if use use a 47 deck on the 200 series, do they sound like they growl? I mean like every bearing is dry and rusty?

I simply cannot track down this horrible noise. There isn't anything I haven't done. Even replaced the two belt sheaves on the tensioner drive assembly.

All the bearings feel like they are operating on greased needle rollers. Many of them replaced. Replaced the deck mounted belt tensioner arm too. And yes the double pulley bearing.

Wondering if it's the belt noise from tractor to deck?
Could be the mule drive pulleys. Also spindle bearings make that noise when starting to go bad even when they feel good. The early decks like the 47 are never real quiet though. Roger
The belt drive (mule drive) sheaves are new. I bought a fresh set of spindle bearings and will install soon.
Like Roger said, they may feel good but may be going bad. I still need to replace the drive and idler pulley bearings on mine and am sure it will quiet it down much more. It was terribly loud and then I replaced the blade spindle bearings and it helped, but I want to see how quiet it will get when they are all replaced. So I would say replace all bearings that haven't already been done yet and see where you are at. And I have heard also that these decks were never perfectly quiet.

I have never used one that didn't make a lot of noise, the 140 deck was horrible, but tight. I replaced every bearing and it still has a somewhat loud rumble to it. If you could take a video for YouTube, or photobucket it would help.
Don't make any sense. The 60 inch deck on the 400 is so quiet, all I hear is the rush of air.

I'm not handy with YouTube.

Yes. It has quite the loud rumble.
Scott, both my 420 and 430 decks are way quieter then a 46 or 47, it may be the thinner metal on the 46/47 decks ends up acting like a speaker.

I have a photo bucket account, if you can take a cell phone video and send it to me, I'll post it
Here's a youtube video I made over the summer after I first started using the 47 deck on my 210. Spindles were all rebuilt, blades balanced, new belts. Skip to the 6:00 minute mark so you can hear it. It wasn't all that loud.

I re-built my 47 deck over the winter--all new bearings, rebuilt spindle assemblies, new belts. It's hard to tell from video how mine relates to Michael's in the noise area, but I'd characterize it as a low roar like a typical mower. Maybe a little louder than my neighbors with their new Cub Cadet's and Husqvarnas, but I wouldn't call it a growl. It's hard to describe, but if the noise seems more "mechanical" than rushing air, you might have a bearing problem. Good luck, Scott.
It sounds like the spindles. I mean no offence when I say this. When I was young, one of my first jobs was working in a JD parts dept. for my local JD dealer. The shop foreman was really fussy when it came to deck re-builds. He would check the fit of a new bearing on the old shaft before assembly. He slid a new bearing to the spot on the shaft where the bearing would ride. If the inner race of the bearing moved while trying to turn the bearing in place, he would insist on replacing the spindle. The parts dept. sent a lot of new spindles to the shop for deck rebuilds. I have rebuilt a number of decks, both 47's and 2 blade 38" decks. They shared the same bearings shafts and iron housings. I used the shop foreman's method for replacing the shafts. I'm currently rebuilding an older 47" deck and found 2 of the 3 shafts need replacing, even though there was no obvious wear. They are just a slip fit anyway, and over the years, that slip fit tolerance grows to where the inner race has nothing to grab on to. I know a lot of people aren't as fussy, but from my own experience, when everything is tight, the decks run quietly, more so than the deck on the 210 in the video posted. If you have a spare shaft and a new bearing, try my test. A shaft that looks good, maybe in need of replacement because the bearing surface is out of tolerance.. A shaft bouncing around off the inner race is probably the cause of your growling noise. Hope this helps.
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Installed another new set of spindle bearings. All the antisieze grease makes for easy going.

New bearings. There isn't a thing wrong with the old ones. The noise is just that. The normal noise of these decks. They are way way louder than the big 60"
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Scott, I don't know what to say. My 47" deck that I re-built has just gone through it's 3rd. season, and it's way quieter than the deck in the video. The noise that deck makes would drive me nuts to. I wonder if the shell metal has gotten to the point that it flexes, making the shell vibrate. If you figure it out, let us know how you make out. Good Luck!
I replaced the belt. I noticed the belt was rubbing the deck shell at the front between the middle and far right spindles. Perhaps it was making noise ???

Anyway the new belt is about 2 inches shorter, so it should operate tighter, at least until it stretches out over time.
Any updates on this problem? Scott, that seems to be a design flaw on the gear drive tractors, both the 39 and 47 decks have wear marks on the front between those two spindles from the belt rubbing. Just a design flaw I guess. My 39 deck had those wear marks when I first got my tractor. My 47 deck had the wear marks on it when I bought it November of last year, and it has the wear marks on it again after I repainted the deck this year.
No.Nothing. it has been put up for winter along with both the 212 units. Resting comfortably for now.
My 47 deck is also just as Michael said--after a re-build of the deck and 15 hours use this year, the wear mark came back. I had thought there was something deformed on mine. Guess not.
The bottom of the tensioner was rubbing the shell lightly. I dont know..... I shimmed it higher. Maybe some noise there as that thing vibrates??? Problem is; that thing wears a hole into underside of belt cover.......

I pull that idler on every deck I own and grease said arm bushing and replace as needed to prevent the destruction of cover.
That grinding noise is something folks dont hear....why. likely due to fact the deck makes such a racket to begin with.
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