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48" deck rebuild

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I have a 78' 316 with a 48D deck. My spindles and starting to get noisy and there is a rust hole in the top front of the deck. How expensive are these decks to restore or would I be better off to start shopping for a refurbished deck. What are my options for a deck that will fit my tractor.
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Take all the wires and cable ends loose one at a time and then clean them and put them back on. Eventually you will get to the dirty bad one and it will work right again. Rust/corrosion is you enemy here. If that doesn't work it is either the ignition switch or the battery no matter what your charger says. Roger
Knowing JD you probably have to buy the board but you could find out by going to www.jdparts.com, joining and then looking to see if the part is available. Roger
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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