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48" deck rebuild

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I have a 78' 316 with a 48D deck. My spindles and starting to get noisy and there is a rust hole in the top front of the deck. How expensive are these decks to restore or would I be better off to start shopping for a refurbished deck. What are my options for a deck that will fit my tractor.
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Mine is costing $200 plus paint, but it will be good for many years.............. be careful on the welding repairs, do a small spot and move to another problem and later come back. helps prevent warpage.
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Raise my cost. I had to buy two more pulleys
(I thought they were ok) and I bought an add-on
wheel kit. another $85 I will be able to trade labor for the sandblasting and painting.
By the way the torque is VERY IMPORTANT on the top mandrel nut.
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