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48" deck rebuild

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I have a 78' 316 with a 48D deck. My spindles and starting to get noisy and there is a rust hole in the top front of the deck. How expensive are these decks to restore or would I be better off to start shopping for a refurbished deck. What are my options for a deck that will fit my tractor.
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I refurbished my 317 deck. Same issues of bearing, a rust hole or two and thinning due to rust near the spindles. I needed to a some stiffing plates around the spindles. Check out the past posts on the subject if you need them. The are listed as parts for a 50" but work on most of the decks. I broke the idler thinking I could get the bearing out so needed that also. With paint and part around $120. Deck is really quiet and works well.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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