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49 blower gearing

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I posted on this quite a while ago but I've seen it come up a few times and had some emails about it, so I'll post it again.

For anyone who thinks their 49 blower doesn't throw the snow far enough, try changing the driven sprocket (on the auger) to one with 4 less teeth than what is currently on it. This is the equivalent of the 10% speed-up pulley on the 50" decks. You'll get around 8 feet of extra distance on the snow and probably notice it doesn't plug up quite as easy with heavier snow either. It puts slightly more load on the engine, but nothing serious.

I did this to mine last fall and now I don't have to throw the snow twice just to clear the driveway.
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Art -

I've seen the Newer Kohlers' Post 96' or so , Engines (that operate on the 'lean fringe' - to meet EPA requirements) needing to be fully warm before they will stay running when you turn the blades on . The easy way around this is to give it partial choke when you engage the blades . The extra shot of fuel (momentarily) will get them over the hump .

I can't speak of the newer clutches , as some of them are non-adjustable , intentionally non serviceable , from factory .

I suspect this may be true of the GT100 , though I have never even heard of a GT100 . A G100 yes , now I've heard of that one .

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