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5 Lug Front Wheels and Hubs

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Despite my best intentions, I often seem to violate the "measure twice, cut once" commandment...

Anyway, here is my pickle: About 3 years ago I bought a 425 with really low hours, at a really attractive price. Since I had some $$ left over, I went to the nearby Deere dealer at the time and bought a (540 rpm) rear PTO kit. Forgot about it for about a year, then installed it. Forgot about it again, until recently, when I bought a non-Deere small PTO drive tiller and started to think about hooking it up.

That's when I realized that I had bought (or been mis-sold) the PTO kit for an AWD tractor, and mine is a 2WD tractor! The crucial difference: This PTO has a **female** connection at the back of the transmission! All PTO shafting I have ever seen, expects a male splined shaft coming out of the tractor.

I don't think I want to shell out another $700 or whatever it was for a different PTO kit. What I'd like to find is a male splined shaft welded to a cross-yoke for a universal joint. But I didn't see anything obvious like that as a Weasler part or at TSC. Looks like Deere may have something called a BM17757 kit as an adapter, but I am wondering if there are any commercial alternatives.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm willing to accept a few "Dummy!" stampings.
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Jay -

All rear ptos' for the 425 Thru 455 have the Female receptical . Has nothing to do with AWS , and they never made an AWD 4x5 . They sell a stub shaft in a kit along with a rubber extention attached to the sheild . Sounds to me ; they sold you the correct kit . I had the same dilemna in reverse ; and needed to put a female end on my 450 tiller drive-shaft , which came set up from deere for the female recepticle on the tractor . If you look hard enough , you'll find the correct end from Weasler or Neapco . I may still have my old one that I switched out from mine , would just have to look . I know I didn't chuck it away .

Jay, just order the stub shaft part# M112354 and till away.
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I was looking in JDParts earlier this evening, under the 425 listings, and they showed two different PTO kits. One for 2WD tractors, with the conventional male hookup, and another for AWD tractors, with my variation. But maybe a few years back only one type was available....?
The tiller, BTW, is I think one from MTD. Enclosed cast iron gear case in the middle, and a cat 0 3 point hookup.
Again - They never made an all wheel drive 4x5 (425/445/455) . And the rear pto was the same for AWS And Two wheel steer . AWD , or 4WD didn't come out till after the 4X5(425/445/455) series production ended .

Sounds like you are confusing the AWD later models with the older AWS found on the 4X5 . Again Deere Never Offered a 425/445/455 (4X5) with AWD .


Edit : Better be sure that tiller is designed to run at 540 rpm , or you will be miserably slow-motion on the tine speed if it is set up for 2000 rpms'
Oops.... Mental confusion on my part. I should have typed two wheel and four wheel STEERING, not drive. Getting late.

Anyway, in JDParts they show different PTO kits for 2 and 4 wheel steering. The ones for two wheel steering have the standard male output shaft. Is it possible Deere never actually sold any like this?
See Alan K's post below - Dummy !

Some kits (I think) came with the male shaft , BUT it was the same thing only they put it in with the pto . Same female recepticle , but included the male 'Pop In' shaft . There are no different pto's except for earlier < 32,777 serial no. units , where a wiring change was the only difference .

If you have the BM18415 kit and your tractor ser. no. is above 32776 you are good to go with a stub shaft only .


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Dave -
That's too easy - it merely solves the problem at hand! I am still puzzled that there seems to be a PTO kit for the 425 in JDParts that evidently was not actually offered..... This may keep me up all night!
Two kits where offered at one time . One with the stub shaft and longer guard , one without . Same thing , only different
Neither are available now , I'm told .

Don't loose any sleep over it Jay . Either will work , and I'm looking at my install intructions for the kit right now , and it makes no mention , nor have I heard of , there ever being one for two wheel steer , and another for 4 wheel steer models

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I bought a rear pto for my 455 a few years back
from a guy that had it on his shelf he said for ten years. It was new in the box never opened he said, when I opened it up there was 2 of those stub shafts in the box (bonus)

I finally drug camera out to garage and snapped some pics of what I have done to the 74 110. I started by putting on 200 series 1" spindles that take the snap ring retainer. This allowed for me to use the center caps off a JD Gator that I needed for the chrome look I was going for. A machinist friend cut down a set of trailer hubs I purchased off ebay. He took measurements from factory wheel that accepts drive in 1" bearings to insure proper clearance to axle and wheel. I purchased the 5 lug wheel from a trailer supply place on internet for about $15 a wheel. Then we cut the center of them to accept the Gator center cap. I drove out all the 1/2" wheel studs and changed them to 7/16" to match the rears so no mix ups if I had all the wheels off at same time. The rear hubs we also shaved smooth face to allow use of Gator centers as well. Also had to cut center of rear wheel to accept center. I installed 7/16" bolts into rear hubs from inside with the use of locktite to allow use of lug nuts on rear to match fronts. Allows for quick change of wheels if one desires, I did it more for looks. Show tractor if I can ever get it done. Need less projects and more time and money.

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Nice set up! I have a question though. Pertaining to the front wheels, did the machinist cut the front hubs down to match the "through bore" length of the standard JD front wheels and machine to use the JD bearings or machine to match the JD width and use the bearings that came with the hubs? Thanks in advance for your answer..............Gary
We bored the hubs to fit the JD bearing that came out of the 200 series wheel. Snug fit so that they drive in just like in the wheel.
looks good nice job
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