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54 Blade adaptation for a JD 420

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I have a 54 Blade with dual hydraulics that fits a JD 140. I want to mount it on my 420. There are problems. 140 frame is narrower than the 420, and the 420 frame is of two different widths. Anyone attempted this adaptation?
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You will have to have a mount off of a blade that came off of a 430 or 420. You can use the mount off a 400 blade, but you will have to install a 5/8" rod across the width of the mount. I bought a mount from Dan Mengel, CDS Lawn and Garden 952 353 2820 Joe
If the attachment from a 400 will work, could the other be simply cut and made wider? I did that with the attachment from a 212 for m 400, adding about 1". Be careful to make the width correct so ir is not too loose or won't slide on.
I have both mounts in the garage, I will go and check. Joe
I looked and yes it could be cut, but it wouldn't work without some modifications. First of all the 300 series is the same width top and bottom, but the 420 and 430 are 3" wider at the top than they are at the bottom mount. You still would have to have a 5/8" round stock all the way across the bottom to replace the pins that mount in the bottom slots. I would buy a mount and keep my old one in case I wanted to put the blade on something else. Plus where your lift cylinder attaches to the mount is in the center, it has 2 vertical pieces of steel with a piece welded between them, this would have to me modified also. I gave $50 for my mount and I can put my blade on my 430 or 140 by changing the mounts in about 10 minutes. Joe
<font face="arial,helvetica"]I have a F935 and the PTO is running by itself.
This is the older model with no switch on side dash.
I had to get off the machine,to pick up the neighbors paper and the pto started by itself scared the you know what out of me.
Parked it until a can figure out. I Don't have any manuals for this machine yet, Thanks for helping if you can, John

Model F935 X 131751
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I seem to recall that the PTO was engaged by lever on that model, correct? If that is the case, I would look close at the linkage, and be sure nothing is binding.

That would certainly be a shock to have it fire up on you!
yes it is engaged by the lever, I just shut it off, shaft stopped spinning and proceeded to get off the machine ( running ) walked around the front of the mower to pick up the neighbors paper and it turned on all by itself
There should be some kind of detent/stop in the lever to hold it off position which is apparently broken and needs to be fixed or replaced. Roger
interesting...usually, you can't keep em going...the magnet gets weak and you have to strap the handle to keep it engaged.

Maybe you found a fix for it!

Seriously though, were you mowing real high grass, or something thick that could have thrown an item up to wedge the linkage open?
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For what I see is you push lever forward to engage, it go's back again to the same place. To stop you push it forward again to stop.deck float is a different lever in front.

I checked under the machine did find a couple of sticks in the linkage, took them out still does the same thing, Dam.
Is there anybody out there with manuals, that would share info on this problem, Thanks again John
John, is this F-935 new to you? Maybe prior owner had this issue too. I'd say that the PTO engagement magnet is simply out of adjustment. (too close and pulling in by itself or in that instance the linkage is stiff, might need WD40 to pull in and out effectively. Also might be a spring in there that is misplaced and is pulling lever in too easy. There should be considerable effort to push PTO into engagement. Anyhow they're hard to get at. Raise your seat and remove sheet metal around linkage and get in there and check these things out. They are fixable. Fred
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