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542 PTO Questions

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My understanding is there is a belt pulley that bolts to the front pto on my tractor to drive my 542 Pto. Well having thought I had this pulley when I got my 318 as it came with an extra pulley the owner said was that pulley for that front PTO.Well that ain't it.Now I know they are not available any longer but having a friend with a CNC machine I think I can have some made if I get the correct measurements Anyone have them? Any help would be much appreciated. Mike
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Ok now I know the sheave I need is part#m86063 bet GRP thinks I'm crazy wish I knew then what I know now. But now I need to fix the problem. Those measurements available from Deere? Mike
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Mike, The outside dimension of the outside of the pulley is 5 1/2 inches:

The center to center of the hoses are 4 3/8 inches:

The belt width is your standard 1/2 inch and the piece below the belt grove is 1 inch:

Hope this helps.

Mike they can still be found, it just takes a while, but they do surface now and then.

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GRP do you still have your pto setup?
GRP, Lost computer for a minute . Hope your holidays where good. Mike
Hi Mike, yes I still have my PTO, I just got the belt and pulley about a month ago. About a one year search for the pulley on and off. I finally found a NOS (my dealer did anyway) out of Wis. I believe.

My Holidays were good thank you, Hope your was the same.

GRP, How would you feel if I bought your PTO and pulley and sell mine? I need to talk to you on other items I need Help with some items. I'll call you ASAP. Thanks Mike
Hey Mike, everything is for sale for the right price!

Let me know what you need help on and I will try to do my best, if not I will get you an answer or have someone find out for you!

Do you have my cell number?

Email me if you don't.

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GRP, The 17 hour days are killing me. All the storm damage cars from hurricane Wilma are coming in to the shop. It's a nightmare. Know I don't have your cell number but mine is 1-239-825-3573 If you have nextel its 159*37*38925 Thanks Mike
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I have a 199X GT275 with the original tire on one front side and a different tread design on the other. The tire size is 16 6.5-8. I use the tractor for mowing primarily, hauling stuff in a cart and snow blowing.
Due to some especially steep areas I have two rear wheel mounted weights always installed. For mowing I add 3 42lbs suitcase weights to the rear. For snow blowing I add all 5 suitcase weights and chains.

I have noticed this year, while mowing, even on dry grass, that the front tires tend to slip sideways when I am trying to make turns especially when going uphill and then turning. I started using the snowblower about 3 years ago and with the snowblower in the down position steering has never been great.

I guess it would be nice if I could through front wheel weights on...but I am thinking that it might be time to replace the tires.

I am looking for suggestions, experience and pros/cons of brand/model tires.

Thanks in advance, Art
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