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As you may remember I have posted several times asking for your thoughts on how to get my 57 riders going again. I have two.

At one point during the summer I had one running, cut some grass etc. Then I borrowed parts to get the other one running, which I was successful with.
Then I put the parts back on the first 57 and it has never run again, until yesterday.

Here is the current situation. I bought a NOS Tecumseh carb and put it on thinking I was going to out of the woods with this.

Unfortunately not.

Here is a synopsis:
timing set as per the instructions;
90 psig compression;
new coil;
point gap set as per the instructions;
nice good spark;
electric start.

I can only get it going when I hold the governor lever all the way back away from the carb.

From the 30 start attempts, I was able to get it running twice. Drove around on it once for a few minutes but as soon as I change the throttle, it dies, and I can no longer get it going.


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Finally I got the one running, and even got a chance to cut some grass.

set the point gap (it was close enough);
set the timing (it was close enough).

Bought a new spark plug.

The I disconnected the governor and I got it running.

Played around with it for a little while and hooked the governor back up again.

I think I may have had a weak spark plug, combined with governor linkage connected upside down.

Now it is off to the next one, to see why that one did not start.
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