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60 Lawn Tractor trans-axle Oil Change

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As I'm up here at Penn State Behrend, wondering what next weekends' project will be, I just was reminded of the fact that my little 60 probably has not had the trans-axles' oil changed in a long period of time. Probably at least 20 years, and I've ran into ones that have not been changed at all.....

Unfortunately, the manual I ordered is still on back order, I was just wondering what the proper procedure to do so would be.
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There are two plugs on the trans case pull the bottom one to drain. Then reinstall bottom plug then pull the other plug that is toward the front and up 1/2 way on the trans case and fill till it runs out I use 80w 90.
Jesse - at Behrend!? that's 5 miles away from me down Jordan Road. Welcome to the neighborhood!
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